I dropped by ONTD! and stumbled upon a short vid clip of the failed Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated series that was shopped around back in 2004 but was never picked up for airing. Here are a few screenshots from the short vid clip:

Check the video of the series pilot inside this post...

In the proposed animated series, all of the voices of the original castmembers were to be used (except for Sarah Michelle Gellar who has been remarkably unsupportive of all things Buffyverse since the end of the series) and the action was set back during the Sunnydale High days. I gotta say, this little vid clip from the pilot is really cute. I would’ve loved it if the show had gotten picked up. I would’ve watched. After the jump, check out the vidclip for yoursef. 

So, Buffy fans, what do we think? Again, I love it … I wish it had been picked up … yes?

I miss them already... Don't you?


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