Ever since the rumors began to bubble up that Hollywood was planning a remake of Dario Argento's horror classic "Suspiria," I have been downright indignant. It's blasphemous to touch that brilliant piece of cinema and I couldn't imagine what moron would touch that script in a million years. Will Natalie Portman get the benefit of the doubt? (Continue Reading)

Well, BloodyDisgusting is hearing that Natalie Portman, via Handsome Charlie Films, will be producing the film and starring as the American dancer who faces a house of evil when she travels to Europe to join a prestigious ballet academy.

Suddenly I'm viewing this project in a new light. My biggest concern is that when churned through the Hollywood remake machine, "Suspiria" would get dumbed down, sexed up and become completely unrecognizable save for the title. But in Natalie's capable hands, I'm optimistic that she would fight to retain the integrity of the original, while giving it the necessary updates required, i.e., sleeker special effects - particularly at the end.


di ko pa napapanood tong suspiria. (exploitation film rin ba to?) pero feeling ko rin ganun mangyayari. parang yung ginawa nila sa love in the time of cholera. [ayun, gabi-gabi minumulto ni marquez mga producers.]

hay. para lang makabenta. hay.

You haven't? Its a must see for any individual, esp. someone with an eye for film and art. Its a freakishly fun watch (pun intended).

mas malupit ba to sa faster pussycat? kelan labas? hehe

Yeah--lupit na malupit. Medyo on the gore side lang. Depends sa taste mo kase.

bring on the gore!

tas habang nanonood kakain pa ko ng papaitan.


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