Yesterday, I read over at the MTV Movie Blog the event of the Twilight Lexicon's hacking incident. According to the website's administrators, an act that resulted in the Web’s largest Twilight fan community being down for 48 hours...

According to site moderator Nicole Bright, the act was from a group of “haters,” who were disappointed or angered by “Breaking Dawn,” Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster fourth installment (and, by extension, the Lexicon’s support of said book).

“I don’t agree with how the Lex blames it all on ‘BD’ haters,” user Sarah wrote. “I think its much more than that. It was Lex haters!”

The Manifesto was a nine-point bulletin posted by Lexicon staff members, breaking down their new rules for discussion.

“Stephenie Meyer’s writing … is [not] to be compared to bad fan fiction, ever,” rule number three stated.

“If every time you post it is going to start with feelings along the lines of ‘It would have been better if …’ it takes the fun out of the boards,” read another.

Below is The Manifesto posted by Lexicon Staff members. Read it for your insight. I think Number 7 is just plain crappy. MTV really is having interest in the Twilight series. Hmm, I dunno, good for them I guess. I'm just excited for the movie. Some parts of the book is ridiculous though.

I'm not an official Stephenie Meyer fan, but no one can deny Robert Pattinson's hotness. Now that's one point I think everyone agrees with? Am i right or am I right?

The Lex takes a stand

The new Breaking Dawn Manifesto:
Last fall we wrote a site manifesto stating where we envisioned the discussion on this site going, and defining what kind of group we were, and where we see this site heading. Now that we have had a week to digest Breaking Dawn, here’s where we stand.

Is Breaking Dawn the most perfect book ever written, or are any of the Twilight Saga Books the most perfect books of all time? It’s a matter of subjective opinion. Nonetheless, here’s where we stand:

1. The Twilight Saga is comprised of four books. It is not a trilogy. You may have wished that the books stopped at three, but they didn’t, and this site is a fan site for all the books in the Twilight Saga. We firmly stand by the canon as established in all four books. It all really happened. If you want to pretend Breaking Dawn never happened, that’s fine, but on this website there are no banners, avatars, sigs to that effect, and discussion acknowledges and concedes that all events contained in the four volume series exists. Denial of canon has no place on this website.

2. Bella is not a Mary-Sue, nor are any of the other characters in the series. If you think that you are on the wrong website. There is no character bashing on this site. Stating “Alice’s visions and perkiness really annoy me.” Isn’t character bashing. Stating, “pleez let’s get over failcob, the demon spawn, and the speminator.” is character bashing.

3. Stephenie Meyer’s writing nor the writing of any other professionally published author mentioned in passing on this site is to be compared to bad fanfiction, ever.

4. Vampire males are fertile, and female vampires are not. Stephenie evaded the question in PC number one. Pel personally refers to the word “most” as in “most bodily fluids are replaced by venom”, as “the most important 4-letter word in an interview", and alternatively “the adjective that rocked the fandom”. To this website’s satisfaction it explains how Bella is able to conceive. It is not debatable that it happens and was explained. We are open to discussion on the particulars, but debating that it can’t happen, or stating that the author lied is not tolerated here.

5. Stephenie Meyer is a member of the LDS, aka the Mormon church. One of the many values that the church exposes is the value of family. There is nothing wrong with valuing children. Stephenie is not trying to ram LDS values down anyone’s throat. If she were, her characters wouldn’t swear, wear tank tops, or self medicate with cough syrup. Like every author, parts of her life influence her writing, and a part of her life is her religion. C.S. Lewis and Tolkein’s Catholic values are evident in their work. Phillip Pullman’s atheism is evident in his. By no means are they trying to indoctrinate you any more than Stephenie is. Simply when religion or the lack thereof is a significant part of someone’s life it will affect their work, and that is not per say a bad thing. It gives you something to look at and think about. Accept it or reject it as is your choice.

6. Jacob Black continues to be a great character. He is not a pedophile. Stephenie did not always intend for a Bella/Jacob ending only to change her mind at the end. Jacob’s story was planned to play out the way it did.

7. If every time you post it is going to start with feelings along the lines of “it would have been better if…”. “I’m so disappointed that…”, “this was such a letdown because…” it takes the fun out of the boards. Sure there are debatable issues, but no one likes someone who is constantly the party pooper, or who is constantly the devil’s advocate.

8. You as a thinking human being can decide what you want to take away from any novel. We have a certain vision as a particular fansite, owned by particular people, why we like all of these books. We may not like every single part, but overall we like them. We are by no means stating every website should do what we have chosen to do. We would never dream of telling another website how to run their message boards. There are plenty of places where almost anything goes there are other more strict websites, and plenty in between. This is simply a matter of what works for us. As a privately owned website with no membership fee, we continue to reserve the right to moderate our boards in accordance with this philosophy.

9. Lastly, If the above items, that will shortly be enfolded into our regular site manifesto cause you to say, “Hey this site isn’t for me anymore.” Best wishes, and we do sincerely mean that. We say the above knowing full well we will lose people. At the same time there are others who will be staying around because of this policy. And of course there will be those who don’t care one way or the other.

Anyway, the above is in effect as of Monday. By then the majority of the hardcore English language fan will have most likely gotten the book and finished it, had a chance to emote with others, and can then decide all things considered “where do I stand?”


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