Hot and Dirty: Stars We Like Better Grimy

Viggo Mortensen
Dave Grohl
Christian Bale
Uma Thurman....

Which one do you prefer? Or do you have someone else in mind?

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

Johnny Depp

The entire cast of "Lost"

Oliver Martinez

Uma Thurman

Russell Crowe

Christian Bale

Daniel Craig

Gerard Butler

Brad Pitt

Jared Padelecki

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Milo Ventimiglia

Which one do you prefer? Or do you have someone else in mind?


JOHNNY DEPP, definitely! i like him dirty. haha

i think its safe to say that any man who is muscular and fairly goodlooking looks better dirty. is that ben barnes i see tossing his luscious locks? i sure hope so. hes gorgeous and looked so hot in prince caspian with that cut on his dirty, sweaty face...

dave grohl! with bigote't balbas).

(tapos kakanta sya ng tiny dancer, tapos sumasayaw si marilyn manson (pwede?!) ng ballet sa background, tapos yung host si oprah. na kakatapos lang makipag-pot session kay dr. phil (na depressed kasi napagtanto nyang wala nagmamahal sa kanya pwera sa aso nya)

yep, si dave grohl boto ko. hehe

@ E.P.

Dave Grohl is the man. He's one of those rocker who can get away with the grimy, messy look.

@ Ennuh
J. Depp looks awesome anyway.

@ d.funkt

I loved your post featuring Vicky Christina Barcelona. I'm not that much fan of Woody Allen movies but I think P. Cruz is sweet.

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