Thursday, August 14, 2008

DAILY NEWS: August 12, 2008

- Angelina Jolie replaces Tom Cruise (seriously) in “Edwin A. Salt,” thriller about a spy falsely accused of defecting. Main character will undergo sex change to accommodate, change name to Veruca. (Variety)

- “Fools Rush In.” Orlando Bloom voyages to Serajevo for next project, about life in the Bosnian capital during three-year siege. (Reuters)

- First look at Jake Gyllenhaal as the “Prince of Persia” pops up online. Gyllenhaal still not Persian enough. (Just Jared)

- Radiohead writes song for new Chuck Palahnuik adaptation “Choke.” (BBC)

- Shake, rattle, and roll: J.J. Abrams to produce earthquake picture. Meh, I’m still waiting for the big one. (THR)


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