Bloc PartyIntimacy Album out now!

In Radiohead and The Raconteurs fashion, Bloc Party gives fans a sneak attack with their third album, Intimacy (presumably to avoid leaks — the band’s last effort, A Weekend in the City, hit the Net four months before its release date). Intimacy is available for pre-order right now at the band’s Website; downloads will be delivered on August 21st. The physical album copies aren't due til the 28th of October, will feature some tracks not available in the digital release. Can you say HOOOHH-YEAH?

Here is the tracklist for Intimacy

01 Ares
02 Mercury
03 Halo
04 Biko
05 Trojan Horse
06 Signs
07 One Month Off
08 Zephyrus
09 Better Than Heaven
10 Ion Square

Last week, I was keeping myself from posting torrents for the new album (in respect to the group's attempt to do keep it from happening). Now I totally can! So below are the various torrent links to download the album. Click to download.

Here are separate track of the album. Go forth, listen and download.

Play here: Bloc Party - Better than Heaven

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I want more songs! i've got already 50% of the album!

thank you so much!!!!!!!

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