Perhaps you may have come across Idina Menzel's song "I Stand", the title song off her new album released in January on Warner Brothers Records.

A group of fans came together in May to put together a video for Menzel, which she later mentioned in multiple print and broadcast interviews. This video, edited by yours truly, sent the message that people stand for all sorts of things, no matter the depth.

The video inspired a facebook page found here which unites people through the song's message.

Idina performed this song Wednesday at an event for the Democratic National convention, in addition to hosting another on Tuesday.
To build on the "I Stand Movement" - as her website calls it - she is offering a free download of the song, urging fans and otherwise to share their own beliefs.

I STAND.. for me finishing school before 25. How About you? What do you stand for?


I stand for those who can not stand.


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