Hola! I'm Anjelie Dawn Mendoza (call me JD / Jellie / J-Dawn / Chanteuse Sanders but never Anjelie) and I'm a college student. I'm really bad at describing but I'll try.

Here in Thieves By Tuesday* I like to mix things up a bit so you might get something more than your average dosage of music. I'd like to say that Thieves By Tuesday* is more of a Sketch Pad. Anything that interests me and I what I think is worth mentioning, I write it down here. I'm an artist and like many, we get our won version of artist's block so pardon the absence of substantially written and interesting articles, if there might be. That would either indicate:

1. My schedule is too hectic and even the best temptation (i this case my PC) can't draw me away from my job even if my life depended on it.
2. Nobody comments on my blog anymore which leads me to think that my taste music / TV / Movies etc. is the last thing on earth people would ever be prevailed upon to consult to/ with ( and this pretty much sucks).
3. An intergalactic royalty has abducted me, brought me to outer space and subject me to destitution.
4. The internet bores me (which would never happen).

Majority of the four would hardly happen so if you might see a lack of posts.. It's # 1.

More about ME! My favorite topic. Hahahaha. So, to make things easier for me, I'm putting up a list of random things about me. I'm planning to go til 100. Wish me luck!

30 Random Things You Didn't Need To Know About Me

1. I had the worst case of allergies (due to chicken and shrimp) when I was 13. I'm still allergic to chicken. And shrimp.
2. I am a compulsive list maker.
3. It is hard for me to not dance after I watch a musical.
4. I like the color red MORE ever since I watched American Beauty.
5. My mom thinks I'll never get married because I'm too much of a fickle.
6. My hands are as small as a 5th grader's.
7. I get embarrassed for people on tv and have to change the channel
8. I love falling asleep in just a towel after a shower
9. If I start doing something, I never stop working until its finished.
10. When I was 10, I drove my uncle's brand new motorcycle to the creek. My dad paid for the damages and I wasn't allowed to eat my favourite ChocNut for a month.
11. I give the worst and cheesiest jokes you'll ever hear in your precious life.
12. Its hard for me to maintain eye contact so most people think I'm lying.
13. In my whole school life, I was # 13 in the list for 7 years straight.
14. My right eye is a little bit smaller than my left.
15. I have the fullest lips. Not to brag, but my old friends used to call me Little Angie. Haha.
16. I horde notebooks. I still have a Batman notebook I never used
17. I can spend almost a day in the bookstore reading and choosing books I know I'll never buy.
18. Sylvester (from Looney toons) was my favorite cartoon. I wished Tweety was dead.
19. My brother and I are each other's best friends and best enemies.
20. My neighbor and I used to play pranks on this bitchy little rich kid next door by giving her spoiled berries and trick her to eat it.
21. It takes me almost 30 minutes to get a ride home because I always want a backseat i the Jeepney (our mode of transpo here in the Phils.)
22. When I was a kid, the only reason why I ask my mom to buy my barbies was so I can make voodoo dolls, and the headless bodies will get married with my Justice league action figures.
23. I love anything strawberry.
24. I hate ears cause they're just the right size and look prettier than the rest of my face.
25. I always jump into my bed
26. "Ice Ice Baby" started my love for dancing.
27. I never got a red mark on my report card. Ever.
28. I could make a library of novels out of all the Romance / Adventure / Thriller / Drama stories I've written in my mind.
29. I wish my nose looked like Kiera Knightley's. Damn it I wish it were.
30. I never go out of the house without my bag. Even If it doesn't carry anything, I'd still bring it.

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